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River Valley Youth Rally (RVYR)

Our 2024 Youth Rally is scheduled for April 19-21, Friday - Sunday

Lonnie Jones, Keynote Speaker
Lonnie Jones is our keynote speaker for 2024. He was also our 2019 keynote speaker. His lessons are Bible based and his talks at youth rallies are beneficial to youth and adults. He is a minister, Licensed Professional Counselor, SWAT team chaplain, published author, outdoor enthusiast, podcaster, and quixotic jedi.

Listen to great stories and lessons in the Keeping Up With Jones: The Lonnie Jones Podcast Adventure (Spotify)

or Apple Podcasts. 
You can find more information at
Lonnie gives examples in the Bible of people who  Listened and Changed.
Lonnie Jones' Work 
Lonnie is a minister and licensed professional counselor. He has been in ministry over 40 years, with most of his time in the Huntsville area. He has been in private practice over 20 years. During this time he has volunteered as a public safety chaplain and been attached to the local S.W.A.T. Team for 30+ years. Lonnie is APOST certified as a specialized instructor in Mental Health Awareness, Stress Management.

His student work involves the experience of working as a youth and family minister as well as teaching students at camps, retreats, youth conferences, Berry College's BOLD program, the International Olympic Youth Camp, the first ever Camp Coca-Cola, and the LAUNCH program for at risk students and as a guest speaker for Educational Talent Search. His private practice specializes in adolescents, behavior, and trauma.

He is trained as a Crisis Negotiator and has functioned on occasion as the Tactical Liaison in barricade situations. He has a background in adventure based therapy and has served as the Lead Instructor/Course Manager for Wellstone Behavioral's Challenge Course. With this background, he is the De Facto Rappel Master for HPD S.W.A.T. having taught rappelling as part of basic school and at a regional S.W.A.T. school.

Lonnie is married to an educator. Jacque is a 28 year veteran with experience in Elementary, Middle, and High School. Lonnie conducts professional development training for area school faculty.

Work information based on Facebook post by Florence Boulevard Church of Christ
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